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OK peeps… it’s cleaning day (you do have a cleaning day I hope).

If you want to appear to be a respectable adult then you need to make your dwelling look, smell, and feel like a place people would actually want to visit.

Today we are going to talk about how to get those floors of yours all sparkly and how to prevent the dreaded “Black Feet” from forming… (you know, the feet that are all covered in dirt from the dirty floor).

So here we go with another “Adulting @ Home” type post.

With simple tips, you can finally say goodbye to floors that always seems to be dirty after you just finished cleaning them.

Be smart and save yourself some grief… Learning these smart mopping tips will ensure that you achieve MAXIMUM results.

Don’t you want your floors to look like this? Nice huh?!?

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Mopping is the answer in keeping your floors squeaky and sparklingly clean.

Sometimes, no matter how much you mop, you can’t seem to achieve the level of cleanliness you expect.

In that case, here are some smart tips to learn for properly doing the task of floor mopping.


Preparing the Floor:

See this thing below. It is called a duster. There are many variations but they do the same thing. They get dust off things in case you were wondering.

Brush, Cleaner, Cleaning, Cute, Duster

Now take this item and clean all the vents in your space, clean the fans, clean the light fixtures, blinds, and other flat surfaces.

Why you might ask? Well, there is a ton of dirt and particles that collect on these things that constantly will fall on your floor, making it dirty again.

This will make the floor stay cleaner longer and also help with breathing in your home. So do a good job.

NEXT, and just as important. Get a broom and a dust pan.

That would be these things:

House Cleaning, Broom, Hand Brush, Clean

Sweep up all that “stuff” that you put on the floor when you did the dusting.

This will make your job easier and your floors cleaner.

You may also use a vacuum to help with cleanup.

Walk the floors when done with this step, and if you notice any sticky spots while sweeping, it’s a good idea to pre-wash them so it will be easier to remove them when you mop the floor.

Remove your shoes to prevent spoiling any areas where you have cleaned by leaving footprints behind.


Gather the Supplies

So what do you need? Well at a minimum, a bucket, hot water, some cleaning solution (though dish liquid works just fine if you prefer), and a mop.

Their are plenty of fancy mops that have a built in way of removing the water themselves as well as buckets with wringers built in. Get one if you desire.

They all are great and save time and energy but with some elbow grease you can do the same thing with just some basic gear.

There are different mops you can choose from and select what’s suited to your floor type.

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For instance, if you floor has a lot of texture, then the classic white string or the rag map is the most ideal. For a smooth floor (like with tile), the sponge mop will work quite well.

Hardwood floors are a whole new ballgame. Depending on the type of wood or finish you will do different things. Check out this article on wikihow.


Fill the Bucket or the Sink

You can use either the bucket or the sink (I’ve even known a few to use a top loading washing machine so they can just spin it out later), whichever you prefer.

With a bucket, you can carry it along with you as you mop. With the sink, you simply drain it and start again with fresh water when needed.

Whether it’s sink or bucket, make sure to use hot (HOT) water and the right mopping solution based on your floor type.

Dip the mop in the bucket or sink and wring it to remove the excess water before mopping the floor.


Mopping the Floor

Now for the actual mopping part. When mopping the floor, you should always start from the top of the room (or back if you prefer) and make your way to the bottom (front).

This way you are always on the part of floor that’s un-mopped and will prevent adding dirt back to where you just cleaned.

When using rag mops, mop the floor in figure eight to use the mop effectively.

As for sponge mops, it’s best to mop in straight lines.

When there are tough spots, rub the spot in short, quick movements while pressing the mop down  to scrub the tough spot. Use some extra cleaner if needed. Let it sit and come back to it if necessary.


Change the mop water frequently! This is one of the keys to a clean floor.

Whenever your mopping water comes dirty or cool, change it. This way, you are thoroughly cleaning your floors and not just painting the floor with dirty water.

May take a bit longer to get the floors done this way but you will notice the difference immediately in how the floor feels on your bare feet, and in how your house just smells “clean”.


And there you have it!!

Girl, Glasses, Mop, Cleaning, Clean

So clean, HOT water, with the right mop and cleaner for the job… used after dusting and dirt removal are the keys to a clean floor.

And now you can add another “Adulting at Home” type task to your repertoire.

Happy Cleaning!!


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